Aris Adamantiadis

Libssh founder, Expert IPv6 and cryptography, MISC’s writer

Aris Adamantiadis has more that fifteen years experience in computer security and programing, from Unix and Linux servers, embedded systems to networks, reverse engineering and applied cryptography. He is the main developer of libssh, the leading OpenSource SSH library, since 2003. He is a core member since ten years of our team that competes in "Capture The Flag" at the U.S. Defcon security conference.

Aris is a fast learner and his background in a wide range of topics allows him to adapt quickly to new products and techniques.

He has written articles on cryptography published in the magazine MISC. He was also mentioned in several renowned medias for his work and his results in computer security research in cryptography about NIST Dual Elliptic Curve backdoor: “NSA encryption backdoor proof of concept published”.